Thursday, 4 June 2009

Pay It Forward Winner

I know this blog has now moved to my art freebies blog but i wanted to announce the winner of the Pay it forward

So without further ado ...
the lucky winner was chosen from a hat lol ... ( my hubbies fault if you didnt win )

The winner was ROS from STAMP & SCRAPE


I will be sending something nice to you soon
Please email me your home address so i can mail it

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Soartful is ...

Soartful Challenge is now HERE
Its still going to be fun and weekly every saturday so please click on the link and come over and then add to follow ART FREEBIES

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Soartful changes and freebies

As many of you know i have struggled this year to do so much online due to unforseen circumstances and altho i spent a lot of time creating and making seperate blogs and challenges, i was able to do them as was at home with little to do then. Now though, i have become a part time carer and have less than half that time available to me and i have struggled.
I love love love doing the challenges i have and also my art and news when i have time but its time to make some changes to ensure it doesnt all become a chore.
I love to give away my images at art freebies as well as run a darkside challenge and my arty retreat which is a personal blog, also i have my art from the scrapheap which is for recycling in art and more which i wont even mention. In addition to this i have my own digital images website and craft forum to run .. and i could go on ...

So i am going to try and make things a little easier for myself but in doing so i need your help too. I have decided to combine some of my blogs and condense into a maximum of three. Lots will go but i will keep the challenges and the art freebies. I am going to combine Soartful with Art freebies which is a different google account so i need you all to pop over there and add yourself to follow. Click on the art freebies logo below please. Then as from Saturday 16th May The soartful challenge will continue from there. NOTHING ELSE will change so the challenge will be added every saturday as usual.

I hope this is not too much trouble for everyone and i truly hope you will keep on doing the soartful challenges.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Soartful Saturday -Fruity !

New Soartful Challenge anyone ?

Ok as you all know, i have had such problems keeping up to date with everything and as i said earlier in the week, i wanted to put the challenge back to normal times. The soartful challenge normally is given on a saturday and the image given earlier in the week was a stop gap but i am still happy to recieve and display any entries for that cute picture but also i am here to set the NEW SATURDAY CHALLENGE

HERE IT IS: FRUITY ..... Think cherries, strawberries, orange, lime, Carmen Miranda hehe
Your work can be the colour of fruit only or you can base it all on fruit or you can incorporate fruit into your work ... as long as its fruity ... it counts !! Have fun !

PAY IT FORWARD 3 PRIZE DRAW - Please read the post before for the details of the draw which end on the last day of May.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Pay It forward - Soartful Challenge

Thanks so much to Terri who in April did a fabulous 'Pay it forward'. I was lucky enough to be one of the winners and will be recieving something fab from Terri at tsome point this year. If you havent visited her wonderful blog please do, Such amazing artwork and blog chat. My job after winning is to also offer something on my blog as this will be my part in the pay it forward chain. So this is what i will be doing. I will offer ONE lucky winner THREE prizes. I have trouble enough with memory problems so one winner is enough for me to send to. I think it would be lovely for that winner to recieve 3 things instead of just one in my pay if forward. The prizes could be anything but at least one of the items will be jewellery, one will be a piece of artwork and the last one is a mystery ... even to me :)
Closing Date is The last day in May
The prize will be sent withing the next month or so after the prize draw ( again i dare not leave it long due to my dodgy memory ) HOW TO WIN !!!!! You need to leave a comment on THIS POST ONLY !! and be aware that should you win, then you also need to do a 'pay it forward' too at some time. Please also put the words 'PAY IT FORWARD ' on your comment as this post will also hold the soartful challenge and i need to know for sure if you want to be in the draw. That is it ... simple !!

Now although i am still dealing with a lot at home and still quite unwell myself, i need to keep busy too as my mind demands it sooooo here a new Soartful challenge for anyone who wishes to join in. I will renew the challenge and put it back on time this saturday but i would love it if some of you wanted to do this one too. Please add your link if you make something thanks SOARTFUL CHALLENGE ... MAKE SOMETHING WITH THIS IMAGE PLEASE

Friday, 1 May 2009

Thanks and my news

Hello everyone.
I just wanted to come and explain whats been happening so that you very kind and caring people who have left beautiful comments and prayers will know how things are.
As many of you know, my son had a stroke in february and we have been very lucky that he is here with us. He has been recovering since then and having medications to try and bring his blood pressure into check as its still too high. Before i left the last message, Adam had paid a visit to his doctors and his bp was high again and he had been feeling dizzy a lot. The doc did some checks and arranged immediately for a scan at a hospital out of town after the weekend. At the time it all seemed to really close in on me, maybe because we had already been through so much and it seemed like a new worry and i also have asthma and chest problems right now so i maybe was just vulnerable. I was trying to be strong but it all got too much so i just couldn't cope with managing all the things i do and also be happy and upbeat online .. couldn't face blogging etc.
Since then we have had the results back from the scan. Without going into details, the news is that nothing has changed. This is good news because adam still has a small anuerysm which he worries about. The doctor rang him and told him that the dizziness is caused by the healing of the site where the stroke was so its very sensitive. This is huge relief and i feel much better in spirit now and able to cope again, however i am a little under the weather with my cough and asthma so i shall be taking things slowly.
I hope to get back to setting challenges and will set the first one again here tomorrow :)
Thanks so much to all of you for your kind thoughts, and hope to get around to visiting each of you just as soon as i can

Saturday, 25 April 2009


To all my friends and fellow bloggers. I won't go into details but my life at the moment is pretty scary and pretty full as recent events in my family have happened and i am finding things too hard to cope with in addition to me not being so well myself so i am unable to cope with juggling all the things i do on the internet too including my sites,forum and blogs. This means that for a while ( I don't know how long as i have no way of knowing when things will get better for us all ) I am not going to attempt to keep up and post blogs, freebies and challenges. I am sorry as i do like to try to keep up and have managed ok until now, with the help of Vron and a few other friends here, but this seems like the best thing to do for now as my family needs to come first. I will be back when i feel able to cope. Thanks to all my friends here

June xxx

Friday, 17 April 2009

Soartful Saturday challenge

Another made up book title to tackle this week.

Take the title of the book and make your cover. You can add the title to the book cover or just leave the image blank as mine is. I hope you will have fun with this title


Here is my version, This time mine is a digital as i didn't have much time to make anything this week. looking forward to seeing yours

Friday, 10 April 2009

Soartful Saturday - New Challenge

This weeks challenge is to use 'Hands' as the focus for your artwork whether its a card, an atc, an arch, digital art or even if you want you could decorate a hand like i have in the following picture which i made a long while ago. Also there are some blanks if you wanted them to download and print

I hope you will be really creative with this one

Have fun !!!

My hand of artwork

Friday, 3 April 2009

Soartful Saturday Challenge

I am on time this week and have a new challenge for soartful saturday so without further ado here it is :

Make anything you like, painting, atc,fat page, digital, card,skinny ... anything at all but it needs to include two elements ... A HAT (or hats) and the colour Turqouise

Have fun

Monday, 30 March 2009

Late Again !! CHALLENGE

So Sorry , with so much going on in my personal life its hard to get things done on time so please bare with me in the timing of my challenges. This is supposed to be a saturday challenge but i have been late recently with them ... hopefully my timing will be better soon

This weeks challenge ..

This week i would like to tax you a little with this idea :

I have a pretend book title, your job is to design a cover for the book going by the title. Just go with whatever comes to you from the title. I hope you will find it interesting and fun too


' Silvinaqua Queen of the Sea'

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Soartful Saturday challenge - DOLLS

This weeks challenge it so make something using DOLLS or other toys
of any kind and in any way .. this should be fun so please give it a go

Photograph by my friend Ginny (thanks Ginny )

Friday, 20 March 2009

Challenge Saturday Soartful

This weeks Soartful saturday challenge is COLOUR & TEXT .. The above are two atc's i made using text and colour in different ways. I do hope you might give this one a try.
Have fun !!!!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

New challenge

I am continuing to look after things at home and helping out with my sons family. It leaves little time but its nice to be able to help out

Here is this weeks Soartful Challenge

This week I would love to see a combination of two things A BUTTERFLY & COLLAGE the rest is up to you but lets see what we can come up with for this one

Thanks to those of you who still are helping to keep this challenge going while i have had my problems .

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Thank You and NEW Challenge

Thanks to everyone for your patience and your messages of care and support. I am so sorry its taken so long for you to see your work displayed here. My son is making his way through each day and is home with his family but it will take a long time to heal enough for him to feel well again. I am now trying to keep busy and helping out with the children etc also trying to get updated online as well so i thought i would move on with a new challenge for you

This weeks challenge is on the theme of Magical Ice !! Think Narnia !! Think wonder and magic, think ice skates and shows, magical ice in nature ... whatever you want !!and have fun !!!

Friday, 27 February 2009

So Sorry ... please read

I am so sorry i havent been around this last week or so but my son aged 30 had a stroke last friday night and has been seriously ill. I apologize to those of you who i havent yet visited that took up the challenge and hopefully will be able to update and comment on your lovely work soon.
Adam just got home from hospital and is still in need of lots of help so i will have to catch up as soon as i can. thanks for being so patient everyone
Hugs June x

Friday, 20 February 2009

New Soartful challenge

Thanks to all for the fabulous and VERY CREATIVE Chocolat challenge entries. i had so much fun seeing them all and hope you had fun making them.
This week i would like you to get creative with a new theme

TREES - Anything with trees in it , i am leaving this artwork background of mine if anyone would like to use it as a background ( but thats optional )

Friday, 13 February 2009

Soartful Saturday challenge

First of all i would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who have expressed your interest and given your support to soartful after my last post. I was feeling at a low due to the flu i have been suffering with and i guess that didnt help in keeping my thoughts to myself but i am glad in a way that i did mention that i may be giving this one up as it showed me how much some of you are enjoying the challenges and thats so lovely. I really appreciate all your kind words and for the moment will carry on with the challenges.
I have 9 blogs and a crafting forum plus i am writing a book and running two web sites so as you can imagine, i have plenty to keep me occupied but i love what i do and setting the challenges and if they are working ... well its worth the time. So we will move onwards ....

Saturdays challenge :

This week I am reading the book Chocolat by Joanne Harris so I thought we might try it as a base theme for the week You can choose to include any or all of the following :


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Soartful !! Have been unwell .. please read

I just popped in to say i have been very ill with the flu virus and am starting to recover but have struggled to keep up with my online stuff and well ... havent been online.
I am overwhelmed with the wonderful response and entries and support for Soartful and i will visit the links you have left and add the projects you have made tomorrow. I thank you sincerely for supporting this challenge blog it means a lot to me. I am sorry to not have added them all sooner but still need another 24 hours to rest and get my energy back.

Many thanks from June

Saturday, 7 February 2009

New Challenge

I am not sure if this challenge blog will be kept on as it seems it doesnt get much response so i shall see how things go for a couple more challenges and then work out if it needs to go. I do thank all you wonderful artists who have been joining in and posting some brilliant work. You are so talented out there !!!


Can you make my UNICORN ... more exciting ? Can you do anything with him ? Add some magic ?
Have a brilliant weekend !!

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Saturday challenge for you all

Sorry i missed the thursday challenge out this week. I had too much going on but here is a new challenge for Saturday - I hope you will enjoy this one .


Create something with the theme of LIPSTICK, POWDER & PAINT

Below is a Tryptich arch i made using that theme. Would love to see your ideas

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Saturday challenge Picture

Soartful Saturdays challenge

Use this image to make art ... take it apart, play around with it but see what you can make from this one

Monday, 19 January 2009

week 3 challenge 1 - RAINBOWS

Ok the last challenge has no takers yet but you are still welcome to post on that one.


RAINBOWS - You can use rainbows themselves or just go crazy with rainbow colours on your art work. Hope some of you will enjoy this one
thanks as always to all of those who submit their excellent work on these challenges

the pictures from last weeks challenges will remain until we get some new challenge entries added to replace them

Saturday, 17 January 2009


Challenge extra

When you were a child did you flick through catalogues and/or tear out the things you dreamed of having? I did ... well for the first challenge this week i want you to create a dream containing some of the things you would love to have. It could be :

A room or a house incorporating furniture you dream of
A Garden with everything you want in it
A dream person with just the right face figure and clothes

Just go wild with this ... use your imagination, Remember its your dream and it can have anything you want in it !!!

Thursday, 15 January 2009


Ok here is challenge 3 for week 2

Saw this image and thought of you so here is what i want you to try ...

CAMOUFLAGE In any way, shape or form you like

( the next challenge will be Saturday and I have decided on just two challenges a week after today as its a lot to do but watch out for added bonus challenges when i have the time hehehe )
Thank you to all of you who are joining in on these, I am glad you seem to be enjoying the challenges and please do pass the word on about our new challenge corner to your friends.
Have fun and be happy this Thursday

Here is my own effort. Bluebell lady ... spot her ? hehehe

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Challenge 2

WEEK 2 & Challenge number 2

This challenge is to make something that fits this title :

' Mirror Magic '

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Week 2

Challenge number 1

Your Challenge is to make something with this image :

Thanks from Soartful

Thanks to everyone who joined the Soartful challenges this very first week. This was my try out week to see if folk would be interested in the challenges and i was overwhelmed with the response.
I was even more knocked out by the quality of work that has been submitted and thank you all sincerely for all that you have worked on in this first week.
This will be trial and error with me so i do hope you will keep on sending me to see your beautiful artwork as we venture into week 2

The pictures will remain at the side panel until the first of week 2 challenges is in and then all will be removed to make room for this weeks art

Friday, 9 January 2009

Week 1 Challenge 3


Challenge three is to make something using the following elements


Monday, 5 January 2009

Challenge 2 (week 1 ) golden brown

I intend to throw out 3 challenges a week, you may enter any or all of them.
This one is challenge 2 for week 1 ( check out challenge 1 too - the final one will be set on thursday ) Info in sidebar

Using this background as a catalyst see where your creativity takes you. Don't stop to think about it, just go with the flow... gothic arch? atc ?' skinny page? whatever
Please come and tell us where to find your work

Saturday, 3 January 2009

CHALLENGE 1 (week 1 )

This is the first of your challenges ... there will be many and they will be random. I hope you will have a lot of fun.

I intend to throw out 3 challenges a week, you may enter any or all of them each week


Create some art using the theme of :

BERRIES - When completed please drop in here and leave a link to your blog so we can see your work - You could use this picture or any other image or method. I used a berry stamp but anything at all you use is fine as long as berries are in the work somewhere . Have fun !!!! ( sorry if i didnt explain it properly b4 and hope this clears it up )

I made the 'golden berries background using acrylic white paint. Then stamped and uninked berry stamp into the wet paint lots of times to get the pattern. then using inks in browns and gold and finally some mica pigment, I coloured it to the finished result