Friday, 27 February 2009

So Sorry ... please read

I am so sorry i havent been around this last week or so but my son aged 30 had a stroke last friday night and has been seriously ill. I apologize to those of you who i havent yet visited that took up the challenge and hopefully will be able to update and comment on your lovely work soon.
Adam just got home from hospital and is still in need of lots of help so i will have to catch up as soon as i can. thanks for being so patient everyone
Hugs June x


  1. Oh June... that is so awful for you and your son... and so young. Please take care of yourself and him, and come back to us as soon as you are able. We are thinking of you
    Love and Light

  2. June I will be thinking of you often so take care.
    Hugs Barbara

  3. Thinking of you and your son June and hoping that both of you will be back soon.
    Ali xx

  4. Take care, your family comes first!
    This thread can be picked up at any time, my wishes go out to you that all goes well for you and your son!

  5. my wishes to your son for a speedy recovery
    take care

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog June. I saw this post and had to comment on how sorry I am that this happened to your son and so young too. I have gone through something similar for over a year now with my best friend in the world. She had a brain aneurysm, and another one since that was worked on too. Only 57 years old and she is not doing too good, it's her memory mostly. I hope you son is ok in that regard. Sending my thoughts and prayers your way.