Saturday, 7 February 2009

New Challenge

I am not sure if this challenge blog will be kept on as it seems it doesnt get much response so i shall see how things go for a couple more challenges and then work out if it needs to go. I do thank all you wonderful artists who have been joining in and posting some brilliant work. You are so talented out there !!!


Can you make my UNICORN ... more exciting ? Can you do anything with him ? Add some magic ?
Have a brilliant weekend !!


  1. I still haven't got the hang of photoshop style software. I went to GIMP and got the software, and had no idea what to do with it. I think I may take a class. I took Graphic Design in school, but that was before all the great software programs came out.
    Then my computer got the virus and GIMP was gone before I really got to play with it. I want to get some good art software, then I would play along. I love coming and looking at everyone's makes though!


  2. Great challenge thanks - here is mine

    Vron xx

  3. I downloaded a free trial of Adobe Illustrator. It took 2 hours to figure out I didn't have the unzipper key to open it, had to get WinZip, then try to download it again. Then I played, and ruined your unicorn. I thought, why not share it though. It is good to fail, that is how we learn. I just don't want you to think I was making light of your challenges, because they are great. It is my computer generated art skills that need dire attention.
    Luv and Hugz, Kristen

    Then I forgot to give you a link to the post.
    At least I am not crying over my failure.

  5. Great challenge, June..thanks! Mine is on my blog. I hope you keep this challenge blog, June..I love it! You really give us something to think about. :-)

  6. I have entered your challenge and I DO hope you can get more takers!!! I have encouraged folks on my blog anyway!!

  7. Great challenge.
    My unicorn is here
    Ali xx