Sunday, 15 March 2009

New challenge

I am continuing to look after things at home and helping out with my sons family. It leaves little time but its nice to be able to help out

Here is this weeks Soartful Challenge

This week I would love to see a combination of two things A BUTTERFLY & COLLAGE the rest is up to you but lets see what we can come up with for this one

Thanks to those of you who still are helping to keep this challenge going while i have had my problems .


  1. Hi,
    here's my entry
    I just saw that you have noted a butterfly.I have made the card with 3 butterflies and have posted it. hope it is o.k!
    thanks for looking

  2. So, here it is..."Butterfly Invasion"!
    You wanted butterflies - you got it! ;)

    That was fun although I don't know if I'm very good at digital collages but thanks for looking!
    Have a great week!

  3. My entry is on my blog. Thanks for another great challenge, June! I hope your son is doing well and improves every day. My thoughts are with you all!

  4. Sorry I missed this one June. I am getting things together to play along with the color and text. OOPS....
    I have missed you, so I certainly enjoyed seeing you out in bloggy land today. I wish I could hug you, but here is one over the net.
    xxx xxx xxx :)

  5. Beatufiul!! Love all the details.