Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Pay It forward - Soartful Challenge

Thanks so much to Terri who in April did a fabulous 'Pay it forward'. I was lucky enough to be one of the winners and will be recieving something fab from Terri at tsome point this year. If you havent visited her wonderful blog please do, Such amazing artwork and blog chat. My job after winning is to also offer something on my blog as this will be my part in the pay it forward chain. So this is what i will be doing. I will offer ONE lucky winner THREE prizes. I have trouble enough with memory problems so one winner is enough for me to send to. I think it would be lovely for that winner to recieve 3 things instead of just one in my pay if forward. The prizes could be anything but at least one of the items will be jewellery, one will be a piece of artwork and the last one is a mystery ... even to me :)
Closing Date is The last day in May
The prize will be sent withing the next month or so after the prize draw ( again i dare not leave it long due to my dodgy memory ) HOW TO WIN !!!!! You need to leave a comment on THIS POST ONLY !! and be aware that should you win, then you also need to do a 'pay it forward' too at some time. Please also put the words 'PAY IT FORWARD ' on your comment as this post will also hold the soartful challenge and i need to know for sure if you want to be in the draw. That is it ... simple !!

Now although i am still dealing with a lot at home and still quite unwell myself, i need to keep busy too as my mind demands it sooooo here a new Soartful challenge for anyone who wishes to join in. I will renew the challenge and put it back on time this saturday but i would love it if some of you wanted to do this one too. Please add your link if you make something thanks SOARTFUL CHALLENGE ... MAKE SOMETHING WITH THIS IMAGE PLEASE


  1. Stunning picture June. Will try to do something as soon as I can.
    Love & hugs Sandie x

  2. I'm here to and pay it forward my friend!


  3. I'm so glad you're feeling a bit stronger, June. I'm sure you're supported by all the prayers that have been coming your way from so many of us who count ourselves as your blog friends.

    This image sort of led me to strange places, and I've taken great liberties with it. It's on my blog.


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  5. Sorry, I forgot to post my link. I thought the girlies needed cheering up a tad so have put them in a picnic mood. (I don't think it worked too well because they are still looking gloomy!). I kept all the heads and painted bodies and background around them. Check it out on my blog or at the following direct link.


  6. I think this is a wonderful idea.... I usually try to do a RAK (Random Act of Kindness), in some way each week. Makes the old heart feel good... Love your blog. PIF (Pay it forward)

  7. Oh well see herein lies the problem - LOL - I love pay it forward of any kind - and then I'm friends with GlitterBabe (Stef) and the Rustic Daisy (Crystal), which has become this sort of ribbing competition and Crystal ALWAYS wins so now it's more of a sickness really! (giggles) I love the idea of altering a photo. Count me in!! I'm starting now.

  8. Hey JuneBug!! I'm in for Pay It Forward - not quite figured out all the deets but you can certainly count me in!! I am working on my image and will post this weekend some time! I look forward to playing with you gals!

  9. I thought this was a delightful image, and couldn't wait to do something with it - thanks for offering it up.
    Here's my contributionSo glad that you're on the mend - was very sorry to come and find that I'd missed you being poorly. What a rough time you've had!!
    Please be assured of my prayers too.

  10. Ok June - I have no idea if this is even worthy as I do not do alot with altering photos but I am truly trying to step out of my box. Check it out and let me know what you think.


  11. Here is mine. Thank you for all the fun with this one! I love going and checking on everyone else’s stuff too!