Friday, 20 March 2009

Challenge Saturday Soartful

This weeks Soartful saturday challenge is COLOUR & TEXT .. The above are two atc's i made using text and colour in different ways. I do hope you might give this one a try.
Have fun !!!!


  1. Here's my first enty:

    Thanks for looking!

  2. OOPs...that's entry...not enty! LOL ;)


    Sorry I am late, but it's only Monday here. :) I am entering this anyway. I wanted to import my text over the drawing, but was having a heck of a time. I wanted to get back on posting with you, so there it is.

    All is well, June, thank you for asking!!! Except my car is out of commission for a while. I put my accident details on my other blog. UGG! oops.

    Have a great day. Glad you are back on the blogosphere!


  4. Awww thanks Kristen ... Glad you are ok even if the car isnt :( Sendng big hugs
    June xxx