Saturday, 3 January 2009

CHALLENGE 1 (week 1 )

This is the first of your challenges ... there will be many and they will be random. I hope you will have a lot of fun.

I intend to throw out 3 challenges a week, you may enter any or all of them each week


Create some art using the theme of :

BERRIES - When completed please drop in here and leave a link to your blog so we can see your work - You could use this picture or any other image or method. I used a berry stamp but anything at all you use is fine as long as berries are in the work somewhere . Have fun !!!! ( sorry if i didnt explain it properly b4 and hope this clears it up )

I made the 'golden berries background using acrylic white paint. Then stamped and uninked berry stamp into the wet paint lots of times to get the pattern. then using inks in browns and gold and finally some mica pigment, I coloured it to the finished result


  1. What fun! A new blog challenge. One of my friends sent me the link and I will tell other bloggers about your challenge. (Your berry photo is scrumptious)

  2. This is gorgeous and I love the berries photo as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving positive feedback.
    Sandie R

  3. This is what I wrote in the comments under your second challenge:

    Sorry - I have made a mistake in posting a picture based on the original berry photo. I have misunderstood what you are looking for here. You obviously wanted us to use the gold background (in challenge 1) and not the berries. Now I see that you definitely want people to use the gold background in challenge 2. Apologies for the error. The photo of the berries threw me off!!

    I have obviously been a little bit confused. Sorry for that. I didn't really understand that you wanted us to use the background and not the photograph but your second post makes that clear.

  4. No thats ok. Any berry work is what we want :)
    I hope to see your pic soon

  5. OK. I was a wee bit confused. My berry pic is on my blog.