Friday, 1 May 2009

Thanks and my news

Hello everyone.
I just wanted to come and explain whats been happening so that you very kind and caring people who have left beautiful comments and prayers will know how things are.
As many of you know, my son had a stroke in february and we have been very lucky that he is here with us. He has been recovering since then and having medications to try and bring his blood pressure into check as its still too high. Before i left the last message, Adam had paid a visit to his doctors and his bp was high again and he had been feeling dizzy a lot. The doc did some checks and arranged immediately for a scan at a hospital out of town after the weekend. At the time it all seemed to really close in on me, maybe because we had already been through so much and it seemed like a new worry and i also have asthma and chest problems right now so i maybe was just vulnerable. I was trying to be strong but it all got too much so i just couldn't cope with managing all the things i do and also be happy and upbeat online .. couldn't face blogging etc.
Since then we have had the results back from the scan. Without going into details, the news is that nothing has changed. This is good news because adam still has a small anuerysm which he worries about. The doctor rang him and told him that the dizziness is caused by the healing of the site where the stroke was so its very sensitive. This is huge relief and i feel much better in spirit now and able to cope again, however i am a little under the weather with my cough and asthma so i shall be taking things slowly.
I hope to get back to setting challenges and will set the first one again here tomorrow :)
Thanks so much to all of you for your kind thoughts, and hope to get around to visiting each of you just as soon as i can


  1. June, I really hope it will all work out for the best for you and your family. Love and bursts of energy coming through air for you from Norway :)

  2. June, you shouldn't be apologising to us. Family comes first and so does your own health. I am sure you have so many friends now on the blogs that they won't forget you if you take a break. We miss you, of course, but we will still be here, no matter what.
    Take care, Marie.

  3. Never apologize for what you cannot control. It is good news that Adam is doing good and you can worry less. You just take care of yourself and you will ALWAYS be in my prayers.

    Thank you for your wonderful comments at my blog. I'm glad you're back and again, please know you can privately email me anytime.

    Big hugs,

  4. God Bless you and thank you for keeping us informed. You are in my prayers - you and your family.

  5. we will all be here for you when you are ready to come back, so that we can play with you again. We are all here for you now, with thoughts and prayers that you heal, and your son recovers.
    Thank you for the update, because I do think of you, and Adam often and wonder. I am glad we met through this crazy blog land. I am glad there is some stability, that way you have a little more calmness to the situation.
    Love you, June!!!

  6. June, I am so sorry you are still not feeling well. I just cannot imagine what stress you are under at this time and am so surprised and delighted you spent a little of your precious time visiting my blog and making me smile (really big) with your lovely comments! My thoughts and prayers remain with you.

  7. hi sweetie its cheryl you know how much I think about you, please do not worry about appologising to us you must take care of yourself as we want you around to keep us all upbeat. You are such an inspiration to us all, and always there for each and everyone one of us so you take care of yourself and your family. If you need to take more time out then do it we will all still be here when you get back.

    always in my prayers hun hugs cheryl xxxxx