Monday, 30 March 2009

Late Again !! CHALLENGE

So Sorry , with so much going on in my personal life its hard to get things done on time so please bare with me in the timing of my challenges. This is supposed to be a saturday challenge but i have been late recently with them ... hopefully my timing will be better soon

This weeks challenge ..

This week i would like to tax you a little with this idea :

I have a pretend book title, your job is to design a cover for the book going by the title. Just go with whatever comes to you from the title. I hope you will find it interesting and fun too


' Silvinaqua Queen of the Sea'


  1. What a great challenge, June! I have been working on it for hours this morning...LOL I finally got one I liked, and it is here

    Thanks so much for a fun Monday, and thanks for looking. I hope all is going well with Adam.

  2. Hi June - cool another challenge site!! I may take part one week but I don't do as many challenges as I would like as I am always playing catch up - I think you know what I mean!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.