Thursday, 15 January 2009


Ok here is challenge 3 for week 2

Saw this image and thought of you so here is what i want you to try ...

CAMOUFLAGE In any way, shape or form you like

( the next challenge will be Saturday and I have decided on just two challenges a week after today as its a lot to do but watch out for added bonus challenges when i have the time hehehe )
Thank you to all of you who are joining in on these, I am glad you seem to be enjoying the challenges and please do pass the word on about our new challenge corner to your friends.
Have fun and be happy this Thursday

Here is my own effort. Bluebell lady ... spot her ? hehehe


  1. AH, what a devious challenge! Had me scratching my head for a bit. Here's my effort:

  2. Love your bluebell lady, Me. By the way, I've checked your profile and I can't find your name anywhere. It confuses me to call you me!! Do you have a blog other than this one?