Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Soartful !! Have been unwell .. please read

I just popped in to say i have been very ill with the flu virus and am starting to recover but have struggled to keep up with my online stuff and well ... havent been online.
I am overwhelmed with the wonderful response and entries and support for Soartful and i will visit the links you have left and add the projects you have made tomorrow. I thank you sincerely for supporting this challenge blog it means a lot to me. I am sorry to not have added them all sooner but still need another 24 hours to rest and get my energy back.

Many thanks from June


  1. Great! I am glad lots of people are coming by. I am posting your link on my side-bar too now. I really like the different challenges. I wondered what was happening to everyone, everyone has either the flu or what I call the Blue-flu (the winter sads!) Hope you feel great soon. Missed you!


  2. OH, June... so sorry you are unwell... please get better soon. I have been spreading the word about you lovely blog challenge and I think we can probably keep it going for you!!

    Get well, honey

  3. Sorry you've not been well. Hopefully the fact that more people are joining your challenge will speed your recovery!
    Ali xx

  4. Hey June.
    thank you for your comment on my blog.
    I really appreciate that.
    Perhaps next time I can take part with your next challenge.
    Greets from the Netherlands, Rian
    en i wish you much recovery
    (Ow..excuse for my English but i'm trying :-)

  5. So sorry you've been ill, June. I apologize for not being more supportive of this challenge blog. I got sort of confused about which days it would be posted, and it got lost in blogdom. Are you just posting once weekly on Saturdays now?