Thursday, 4 June 2009

Pay It Forward Winner

I know this blog has now moved to my art freebies blog but i wanted to announce the winner of the Pay it forward

So without further ado ...
the lucky winner was chosen from a hat lol ... ( my hubbies fault if you didnt win )

The winner was ROS from STAMP & SCRAPE


I will be sending something nice to you soon
Please email me your home address so i can mail it

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Soartful is ...

Soartful Challenge is now HERE
Its still going to be fun and weekly every saturday so please click on the link and come over and then add to follow ART FREEBIES

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Soartful changes and freebies

As many of you know i have struggled this year to do so much online due to unforseen circumstances and altho i spent a lot of time creating and making seperate blogs and challenges, i was able to do them as was at home with little to do then. Now though, i have become a part time carer and have less than half that time available to me and i have struggled.
I love love love doing the challenges i have and also my art and news when i have time but its time to make some changes to ensure it doesnt all become a chore.
I love to give away my images at art freebies as well as run a darkside challenge and my arty retreat which is a personal blog, also i have my art from the scrapheap which is for recycling in art and more which i wont even mention. In addition to this i have my own digital images website and craft forum to run .. and i could go on ...

So i am going to try and make things a little easier for myself but in doing so i need your help too. I have decided to combine some of my blogs and condense into a maximum of three. Lots will go but i will keep the challenges and the art freebies. I am going to combine Soartful with Art freebies which is a different google account so i need you all to pop over there and add yourself to follow. Click on the art freebies logo below please. Then as from Saturday 16th May The soartful challenge will continue from there. NOTHING ELSE will change so the challenge will be added every saturday as usual.

I hope this is not too much trouble for everyone and i truly hope you will keep on doing the soartful challenges.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Soartful Saturday -Fruity !

New Soartful Challenge anyone ?

Ok as you all know, i have had such problems keeping up to date with everything and as i said earlier in the week, i wanted to put the challenge back to normal times. The soartful challenge normally is given on a saturday and the image given earlier in the week was a stop gap but i am still happy to recieve and display any entries for that cute picture but also i am here to set the NEW SATURDAY CHALLENGE

HERE IT IS: FRUITY ..... Think cherries, strawberries, orange, lime, Carmen Miranda hehe
Your work can be the colour of fruit only or you can base it all on fruit or you can incorporate fruit into your work ... as long as its fruity ... it counts !! Have fun !

PAY IT FORWARD 3 PRIZE DRAW - Please read the post before for the details of the draw which end on the last day of May.