Saturday, 9 May 2009

Soartful Saturday -Fruity !

New Soartful Challenge anyone ?

Ok as you all know, i have had such problems keeping up to date with everything and as i said earlier in the week, i wanted to put the challenge back to normal times. The soartful challenge normally is given on a saturday and the image given earlier in the week was a stop gap but i am still happy to recieve and display any entries for that cute picture but also i am here to set the NEW SATURDAY CHALLENGE

HERE IT IS: FRUITY ..... Think cherries, strawberries, orange, lime, Carmen Miranda hehe
Your work can be the colour of fruit only or you can base it all on fruit or you can incorporate fruit into your work ... as long as its fruity ... it counts !! Have fun !

PAY IT FORWARD 3 PRIZE DRAW - Please read the post before for the details of the draw which end on the last day of May.


  1. Here ya go, June. An apple was my fruit of choice!

  2. Well, having seen all the TASTEFUL entries, I have to admit mine could be considered to be TASTELESS. I can never resist having some fun with digital art. I have included a pineapple, strawberry, bananas, pears, oranges, an apple and grapes. You can see it on my blog.